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A storytelling hearth and voice for the singing earth

The Storyteller

My name is Stina Gray and I am a storyteller, ethnologist, writer and astrologer with roots in Sweden and New Zealand.

Sagoheim Storytelling

A travelling storytelling hearth based in Sweden, offering performances, workshops, retreats, online events and more.

Some say that Varga set out on a journey to discover the vast woods beyond her village and there she met others like her: wolf girls, wolf boys and all sorts of wild and wonderful folk. Some say she eventually returned to her home village and set about changing the story for the future of all girls born under a full moon.

– from Daughter of the Full Moon, a story by Stina Gray

Path of the Wild Woman

A rewilding women’s school and community run by storyteller Stina Gray and priestess Camilla Måne, offering women’s circles, workshops, courses, moon lodges and more.

Storypath Astrology

Explore the mythological landscape and guiding stories of your birth chart.

“Stina is a woman full of wisdom and magic... listening to her stories is one of the most healing things I have ever experienced."

Rebecca Tiger, priestess & actress