Stina Gray

I am a storyteller, writer, ethnologist and astrologer with roots in Sweden and New Zealand.

The stories I tell are shaped by my roots and by the places that have held and nourished me throughout my life. I was born in Sweden but I grew up about as far away as one can come from the land where I was born. From the age of four, I grew up at the foot of an extinct volcano in Aotearoa, New Zealand. I grew up like something of a hobbit, barefoot most of the time and surrounded by a bounty of nature in the beautiful Bay of Plenty.

At the age of sixteen, I returned to Europe with a deep longing to reconnect with my Nordic and Celtic heritage. And so the journey began, and it is here, in Sweden, as well as on my travels in England and Scotland, that I really began to find my path and voice as a storyteller.

I am so grateful to call both Sweden and New Zealand my home. I have strong roots and a deep love for all of the places that have held, nourished and given birth to the woman I am today.

Now I live in Bergslagen, a landscape of deep forests and many lakes, in central Sweden, and currently you can mostly find me in my writing cave, working on a book project that I plan to publish in 2022.


Sagoheim Storytelling

Sagoheim means Story Home, and also, as I see it, Story Sanctuary. It reflects the heart of my work and passion as a storyteller. It is a sanctuary where trees tell tales, the rivers sing songs and the mountains whisper in an ancient tongue known only to those who listen with the very soles of their feet. It is a voice for the singing earth and lore of the land.

My Passion

I am passionate about the kind of stories that heal, inspire and bring us home to our roots, bones, wild wisdom and intuitive ways of knowing. For me, storytelling is about gathering around the Hearth of Remembering to tend the ancient flame, both by giving voice to the traditions, songs, stories and wisdom of our roots and cultural heritage, and by feeding the flame with new songs and stories born from our own lived experiences, personal journeys into the underworld and relationship with the land that we call home.

Story Wisdom

The songs and stories of my motherland tell of a time when humans spun their tales, built their homes and formed their communities in sacred union with the land. These are the kinds of stories that I love to tell. They hold so much human wisdom, a wisdom that I believe we need in order to grow into the future with strong, deep roots and write a new story that truly serves our beloved earth.

A Spark of Magic

I hope that the songs and stories that I share here kindle a spark of magic in your fire hearth and inspire you go on your own journey of discovery, tuning in to the stories around you and within you, awakening your senses to the songs of the earth and dreaming of the land.


”Fabulous storyteller and magic spinner of tales.” Katinka Soetens, Path of Love Mystery School

“Stina is a woman full of wisdom and magic. The healing power of astrology really comes to life through her way of weaving storytelling into the reading. Listening to her stories is one of the most healing things I have ever experienced. She is a big inspiration and powerful guardian of mother earth.” (translated from Swedish) Rebecca Tiger, priestess & actress

”Sagoheim has been a sanctuary for myself in learning about my connection to the land and the roots of this earth, and my own spirituality to the land and my purpose on my own journey. Thank you Stina for offering such beautiful insights into this earth.” Rachael Downs, teacher

”Stina tells stories with a gentle intensity and fantastic presence that enchants me from beginning to end. She has really found her own unique voice.” (translated from Swedish) Sissi Saller, storyteller

“Stina is so gifted in telling stories that reach deep into the soul.” Camilla Måne, priestess and women’s circle leader

“I am so grateful that I got to meet Stina and listen to her stories.” Therese, audience member

“The best storytelling I have ever experienced.” Lisbet, audience member

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