When the Woods Sang Book

When the Woods Sang: Returning to the Singing Earth

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One winter’s day in a forest in southern Sweden, Stina Gray found a story unlike anything she had ever heard before. The story initiated a journey that took her deep into the singing, weeping woods of her Motherland and to the heart of her path as a storyteller. The journey awakened her senses to the lore of the land, showing her that everyone and everything has a song to sing and a story to tell. The Earth is singing. When the Woods Sang is a book about that journey and about some of the songs, stories and people she met along the way.

344 pages, A5 size, printed on recycled paper in Italy.

Publisher: Campano Edizioni, Pisa, Italy. Published in June 2023.

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Praise for When the Woods Sang:

“I utterly loved every moment I spent with When the Woods Sang. It is such a rich source of inspiration and wisdom. I was deeply moved by the stories in the book and by your sharing of how they came to you. Your profound and heartfelt relationship to story and song reminded me of how essential these are for communicating back and forth with our Earth – and inspired me to renew my own personal practice. Thank you!” Paula Tait, musician

“Such a fantastic, valuable and inspiring book. Something new and exciting on every page. I have read it twice and want to give it to everyone.” Isa Lilja Tibbling, storyteller and teacher

“For me, this book is an important reminder that there needs to be a spiritual awakening full of myth, magic and inspiration, to meet the many global challenges we face today, both social and environmental. It has also given me a much needed boost for my own passion for storytelling and its importance for the Earth and all living beings. Thank you Stina Gray.” GreenSpirit Magazine

”It’s one of those books that just pulls you in, difficult to put down once you’ve opened it. This book is important and I’m excited for it to make its way out in the world!” Cecilia Ekholm

“In this book the stories are maps that help us to navigate life, full of ancient wisdom that is deeply moving. Stina is a storyteller and ethnologist who weaves folklore, mythology, history and life wisdom in a way that is both beautiful and accessible.” Kloka Gummans Stuga

“This is one of the most engaging books I have read. I was sad to see the last page turn! Stories and rich flavors of Sweden as Stina travels through her life of magic and folklore. I felt so at home in this book.” Alana Woods, harpist, storyteller and author

“I am savouring your words, sentences and reflections, and don’t want the book to end!” Ann Heljeback

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“I hope that the songs and stories in this book kindle a spark of magic in the heart and hearth of your inner fairytale realm: the kind of magic that inspires your creative imagination, invokes the wonder and adventure of your wild inner wings, opens your eyes to the extraordinary in the ordinary, and awakens your senses to the song of the wind, the wisdom of a tree and the stories all around and within you.” 

Excerpt from When the Woods Sang