Cantus Fabulae

A medieval music & storytelling duo

The Storyteller & the Organist

Riccardo Gnudi is an organist and composer with roots in Tuscany.

Stina Gray is a storyteller and ethnologist with roots in Sweden and New Zealand.

Our Medieval Organ

With our unique portative organ, and a delightful collection of heart-warming folktales and legends, we offer performances with early music and storytelling.

Available Shows

Saint George and the Dragon: A show for the whole family inspired by the famous medieval legend about how Saint George saved a princess from a fire-breathing dragon. But what really happened? Did George slay the dragon and did princess really need saving? Well, that depends on who you ask! Here we will share our own retelling of this legend, rooted in our own time, place and culture, and inspired by various tellings of this tale found throughout Europe. Length: 30-45 min (flexible).

Sir Gawain and Lady Ragnell: King Arthur sets out on a great quest, together with his faithful friend and nephew Gawain, to solve a most challenging riddle: What do women want? Length: 45-60 min (flexible).

We are currently planning a new show for the summer 2022 inspired by stories about Saint Francis of Assisi.

We are happy to perform in medieval environments both indoors and outdoors, and both in Sweden where we are based as well as in other parts of Europe.


“Such a wonderful combination, medieval storytelling and music! Gentle, charming and beautiful. Like allowing your senses to journey back in time for a moment.” (translated from Swedish) Charlotta, Music-teacher

“Riccardo’s skillful organ-playing transported us to another time and when Stina tells stories it’s as if she opens a door to a magical world. A door that is left ajar long after the story is finished. We remember our evening in Karlskoga Church as one of the summers most lovely moments.” (translated from Swedish) Sanna and Daniel, translator and researcher

“A fantastic journey in time with historical clothes, a historical instrument and an old famous legend. We are reminded of the old Swedish skillingtryck where one would tell about the news and events of the time accompanied by hurdy-gurdy. The portative organ was more suitable in the context, and Riccardo Gnudi played it in the same confident way that he plays the Karlskoga Church organ. That a story was used instead of a song gave that little extra to the performance. The way that Stina told the story was captivating and took us on a journey many hundreds of years back in time.” (translated from Swedish) Jaana-Kaisa and Mikael, physiotherapist and musician.

“Warm thanks for your performance last thursday in Karlskoga Church! So beautiful in every way!” (translated from Swedish) Gunilla, teacher

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