Path of the Wild Woman

A rewilding women’s school and community based in Sweden

Path of the Wild Woman (Vildkvinnans Väg) is a rewilding women’s school and community, founded and run by storyteller Stina Gray and priestess Camilla Måne.

We offer women’s circles, moon lodges, workshops, courses and longer journeys for women who long to reclaim their wild nature and return to the power of the women’s circle – our very own wolf pack and wise woman tribe.

Our rewilding work interweaves storytelling, dancing, ceremony, singing, drumming, nature immersion, creative expression and sharing circles. All of our courses are rooted in the women’s circle and Circle Way philosophy.

We are based in Sweden and currently most of our courses are aimed for a Swedish-speaking audience. We do also hold courses and circles in English, and are planning on offering more English-speaking events in the future!

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Wild Women Gathering in Stjärnsund, Sweden, 2019

Upcoming Events

Vildkvinnans Väg Årshjul


Wheel of the Year Wild Woman Journey

 13th February 2021 – 6th February 2022

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Wild Woman Weekend


Path of the Wild Woman weekend course in Stjärnsund, Dalarna

12 – 14th of November 2021

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Vildkvinnans Väg Årshjul


Wheel of the Year Wild Woman Journey.

Starting in the autumn 2022 – more info coming soon!


“Genuine, beautiful, magical and with so much heart… filled with the stories, songs and roots of the Nordic folk spirit! I have gone to many courses, but meeting and collaborating with these two wild women has touched me deeply! So genuine and natural without masks and games! I can just bow my head in humbleness and gratitude for the work that you do and are!” (translated from Swedish) Margitta Wigren, priestess and founder of the Hel Goddess Temple

“I dare to be myself more. I have come closer to my authentic self, to Wild Woman. She dares to show herself more, is more rooted and stable, and not as prone to oblige anymore, and is braver.” (translated from Swedish) Lilian Liberg, masseur & tree sister

“A fantastic and wonderful weekend, with lots of depth and an extremely secure feeling. Looking forward to come again and dive deeper into the Path of the Wild Woman. Many thanks!” (translated from Swedish) Hanna, course participant

“Thank you beautiful wild women for power and inspiration.” Sanna, course participant

“Thank you to all the wild women I have met this weekend with Baba Yaga. Everything has been very well organized. I felt very welcome. Lots of joy and seriousness interwoven with each other. You have the ability to create a very loving and joyful atmosphere. It is noticeable that everything is well prepared and worked out. It feels genuine and serious at the same time as there is room for playfulness and brings out the wild and loveliness within us. This is for real. From the bottom of my heart and God’s blessing, I thank you most warmly and I can definitely recommend your courses.” (translated from Swedish) Susanne, course participant

Stina & Camilla, photo by Jannica Honey

The Team

Camilla Måne is a dedicated priestess, women’s circle leader and social worker with roots in Dalarna, Sweden. Camilla is passionate about the healing power of the talking circle and loves to create safe spaces for people to explore their authentic wild selves through inner journeys, creative expression, connection to each other and nature.

Stina Gray is a storyteller, ethnologist and astrologer with roots in Sweden and New Zealand. Stina is passionate about the kind of storytelling that heals, inspires and guides us home to our roots, bones, wild wisdom and intuitive ways of knowing.

Ellika Lindén, women’s circle leader

Pia Rubærno Fjelksted, psychotherapist

Kirsten Brunsgaard Clausen, religious historian

Path of the Wild Woman is supported by a strong tribe of Grandmothers. We are passionate about reclaiming the wisdom of the older woman and honouring all phases of womanhood, from girlhood to cronehood.

The Path

The Path of the Wild Woman is every woman’s unique path to find.

Like dancers drumming their feet to a beat not many can hear – we recognize each other from afar.

We come in all sorts of disguises, but if you look closely you might notice the wild sparkle in our eyes and the green tuft of moss tucked behind our ears.

Listen, and you might hear some of us humming the melody of a song that either sets you running off in the opposite direction or pulls you in close like a good story, stirring up something vast and ancient deep within you.

Something forgotten, but never quite lost.

Here we stand together on the Path of the Wild Woman.

Sisters, daughters, mothers, grandmothers. We have each heard the call, a calling to return home.

Wild Woman has been a Lone Wolf for too long. Living in the shadows for too long. Outcast for too long. Ignored for too long. We hear Her calling us into the wild and we can’t wait any longer. We have to go.

The time has come to bring Wild Woman home from the wild woods and into our everyday lives.

The time has come to lift the veil and see Woman for who she truly is. She is both light and dark, day and night, order and chaos. She is the whole wheel of the year and a whole realm of her own – a realm that is waiting for its daughters to return home and rediscover the gift of womanhood.

She is calling us to sing the bones of Wild Woman to life and reclaim the wisdom that has been lovingly handed down to us through the songs, stories, crafts and traditions of our foremothers.

Words: Stina Gray

Photo: Jannica Honey, When the Blackbird Sings

Our Music

Dance, howl and sing along with us! Music is a big part of our rewilding work. We write drum songs and chants for women’s circles and ceremonies, inspired by the seasons and landscape of our motherland Sweden. Listen to our music and purchase our album Invocation on Bandcamp.

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